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Yahoo Media Group Shakeup: Scott Moore and Alan Warms To Leave; Dossett To Join; Khemlani Promoted

scottmooreUpdate: See Yahoo’s official announcement on Moore’s departure and Jeff Dossett joining the company.

This had been cueing up for a few months now: Yahoo’s media group head Scott Moore and head of Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) News Alan Warms will be leaving, according to a report by Kara Swisher. The departures will be announced internally this week, and no word on where they are going. Moore came from MSN in 2005, while Warms came into Yahoo last year through the acquisition of Buzztracker, his company. Moore might have some plans to start his own company, the report says.

These departures come after Yahoo announced laying off about 1,500 employees late last month. Yahoo’s media group has some of the biggest online media sites in its portfolio: News, Finance and Sports, and has been among the few bright spots in the beleaguered company.

We spoke to Moore after this report, and he wouldn’t comment on it. Warms declined comment when reached by phone. is not yet reachable.. Warms will be replaced by Yahoo’s VP of programming and development Neeraj Khemlani, who came over from CBS’ 60 Minutes to Yahoo in 2006.

Staci adds: The departures have not yet been announced internally — Yahoo News has a huge 24 hours coming up with the election and the idea may have been to wait until midweek as a result. In the past, asked about leaving, Moore has denied it; this time, he referred our query to PR so read into that what you will. (PR has yet to respond.) That aside, Moore’s exit, as Rafat mentioned above, has been likely for months. Given the current cutback atmosphere, this would seem like a good time for anyone who has been thinking of leaving — particularly someone in the upper tiers — to negotiate his or her departure. And with an AOL (NYSE: TWX) integration possibly on the way, well, how many people really want to go through that if they have options. So where could Moore wind up? He’s spent the last decade or so at Yahoo and Microsoft; this is usually when people get the entrepreneurial spirit but current events may put a damper on that. Could he return to Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) to head internet? Hard to envision him going back there; then again, stranger things have happened.