Sprint, Cogent Reconnect Networks For Now

[qi:046] It looks like the Sprint (s S) and Cogent (s CCOI) networks are back talking to each other — at least temporarily. After the two companies severed networks on Oct. 30, there has been wide spread criticism of the severing of the networks. According to some sources, the disconnection between two networks caused problems for universities and many U.S. government agencies that are customers of Sprint. In an update on its web site, Sprint announced that it was reconnecting the networks as an interim solution.

Sprint initiated a temporary reconnection to the Cogent network on Sunday, November 2nd so that customers would have temporary access while longer-term alternate and permanent access options are explored. We emphasize that this reconnection is temporary only, as the core issues in this dispute have not changed. Cogent was notified in advance of the November 2nd reconnection; therefore, any access disruptions occurring during this temporary period are the sole result of a negative reaction instigated by Cogent against the customers of both parties.

Earlier this week when I spoke to Dave Schaffer, CEO of Cogent Communications, he pointed out that Sprint was a tiny fraction of the traffic coming to Cogent network, and the dispute was affecting customers who are single-homed to only the Sprint network, especially those trying to access the Internet from Sprint’s mobile devices.