Weekly App Store Roundup: Nov. 1, 2008

The time has arrived for us to wave a fond farewell to the week that brought us the joys of seeing Steve Wozniak dressed as a Sith Lord and the subsequent horror of seeing The Woz then attempt to act. As usual, the App Store has been chugging away in the background like a steam engine fueled only by the adrenaline of developers across the globe. Join us as we grab our tool-box and investigate a few worthy additions to the store.

This week we’re looking at Google Earth, Mobile Files, Say Who and Cyber Chess Ultimate Online Chess.

Google Earth (free) – Is there nothing our humble iPhone’s aren’t capable of? Apparently not, as Google have upped the game once more by shrinking down the awe-inspiring Google Earth on to our pocket-size Apple devices. It’s not necessarily a replacement for the excellent GPS-fuelled Maps app, but Google Earth is impressive nonetheless and a useful tool to compliment every iPhone owner’s globe-trotting adventures.

Mobile Files ($4.99) – While there are already several wireless storage solutions for the iPhone (including the feature-rich and totally free Discover), there are very few applications that allow you to access your iDisk. Mobile Files gives you access to your Mobile Me iDisk, allowing you to mount multiple iDisks and even view files (such as images, office documents and music) while you’re on the move. It’s worth noting that this is the only free solution available from the App Store at present.

Say Who – Dialer (free) – There are some who believe that the iPhone — for all the wonders that it does offer — is missing a few essential features. One of the additions that has been called for is voice-dialing and, in lieu of an official solution from Apple, Excuse Me Services have stepped up to the plate and created Say Who – Dialer. The app supports a range of voice-dialing methods, from simply saying a name, to actually stating the number you’d like to call.

Cyber Chess Ultimate Online Chess ($1.99) – Setting aside the game’s overly specific name, this is actually a seriously robust chess game. It’s really the complete package with great graphics, solid AI and support for FICS which means 300,000 registered players via FreeChess.org. For the price, it’s represents great value both for beginners and experienced players of this wonderful game.

And while we’ve managed to point out a few particularly special additions to the App Store, as always, there’s a little bit of time left to wax lyrical about something we might have missed from a few weeks back. Japanese clothing company, UNIQLO, commissioned creative agency Projector to create a promotional campaign for them and the result was the UNIQLOCK.

You can check out the UNIQLOCK online, install Facebook widgets and do all that stuff, but it really seems to come in to its own on the iPhone. It’s like carrying around a piece of performance art in your pocket and it’s just great, fusing catchy electro lounge jazz with synchronized dancing and a big clock. The app is free, so if you’re feeling a little avant go grab it now!

That’s all for another seven days, we’ll have another App Store roundup for you next Saturday, in the meantime, drop by the comments and tell us what apps you’ve been toying with this week.