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Revver Site Having Problems

We’ve been getting tips for the last few days that Revver is down and/or having trouble serving off-site videos. However, each time we check, the site seems to be up for us. TechCrunch did a story on the outage reports today and got an explanation from owner LiveUniverse that the site is undergoing a “major migration from a CDN/provider to a tier 1 & top technology provider.”

The lack of dependability magnifies the fact that Revver is no longer providing the service it did in its heyday, when many major video stars — such as Ze Frank, Ask a Ninja, Lonelygirl15, and Invisible Engine — depended on the site as their main host and as a source of income. Revver does seem to have a few people left working on the site since it was acquired by LiveUniverse for about $5 million in February — however it does seem to be fading away.

I received the image below via email from one of the Revver video publishers who sent us a complaint (like I said, for some reason I continue to be able to access the site):

15 Responses to “Revver Site Having Problems”

  1. RandyWilliams1

    I would like to find more sites like if there are any and put my videos on them and part ways with the once great website. Any sites that you know of I would be interested in trying them.
    Thanks, RandyWilliams1

  2. @Liz

    Hi Liz,

    don’t know if I can do anything to claim my money! (ok the sum is not much but what the….)

    The worst thing is that I use Revver as a video host solution for some videos I care much and those videos are offline in my blog, $#%$#%. (and it is a nice blog you know, lol). I will probably self host them and put online ads, dunno yet

    I hate the fact (I described in my previous comment) of the plethora of sites cheating internet users! Those scums we must put them to an end.

    “Shameful” .


  3. As of now it is time (I sincerely hope not) for Revver to close. I don’t remember revver users being informed about changes or temporarily offline (?).

    There are 2 major questions

    1. What will happen to all the videos hosted on revver?
      (The procedure of moving the videos to another host – probably is a time consuming proccess)

    2. What will happen with the unclaimed earnings?
      A major question must be answered fast.

    As myself being a referral to many sites I see a move of untrust and unloyalty to the affiliates (from the POV of the sites) – I can recall several technical issues concerning the affiliation procedure of (lost db, lost referral ids, unclaimed and probably lost earnings)


  4. @Tim Street

    Well, you didn’t check the news earlier this year that LiveUniverse bought the company for more than 500 gran. I forgot the exact amount and LiveUniverse (the company that bought Revver tried to revive the company.

    Good thing I just started for about a month and I haven’t monetize that much on revver.

    Although, I symphatized to the loyalist and content creators who haven’t got paid.

    People will start flocking back to youtube and will try to migrate to other similar site.

  5. It’s still down for me. I couldn’t access it yesterday either. They also haven’t paid content creators recently. Every week there’s some sort of “delay” and we’re given the ole “One more week…maybe” nonsense.

    Revver owes me over $200 dollars for my videos. Will I ever see that money? Hmm, I kinda doubt it at this point. But the fault really lies on the shoulders of LiveUniverse. They’re apparently not releasing the money (if they even have it) and the Revver employees and forum moderators are left with their hands tied, trying their best to keep the video creators calm – some of whom are owed more than $2,500.

    As for the “major migration from a CDN/provider to a tier 1 & top technology provider” …it’s awfully funny that there wasn’t any announcement or mention of it! At least not one that I saw anywhere. I know the last time they did a migration they told us about it well ahead of time and kept us informed continually throughout the entire process…letting us know exactly when the outages would occur, when videos would be down, etc.

    So they’re either lowering their standards drastically, or this so-called migration is just a line of bs from Greenspan. Either way, it’s entirely unacceptable. I certainly hope Revver makes out OK and becomes the site it has the potential to become. But only time will tell.