GigaOM Readers' Top Election Web Resources

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Our post about the top 10 web tools for the election got some great suggestions from readers, so we’ve packaged them up for you here. Thanks to everyone who sent in their picks — and don’t forget to vote!

  1. Track voter rights news and resources at the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition’s
  2. Check out a map-based overview of voting machines used in each state from and the Verified Voter Foundation, both run by technologists advocating for reliable and publicly verifiable elections.
  3. Read up on candidates on the non-partisan and On the
  4. Call the soapbox at and leave your rant or rave about either major candidate; your message will be posted on the site and others can listen — and rate and comment on it.
  5. Upload photo messages about the election, the candidates and the issues to
  6. Follow and contribute crowd-sourced election stories and add your two cents on media bias at
  7. Take a look at the aggregation of election-related news stories, blogs, polls, video and commentary on
  8. Check out interactive electoral college maps at
  9. Contribute election-related news stories and video and blog posts to

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