Earth2Tech Week in Review

The count down to election day ticks on and this week we saw a number of political figures taking time to check out cleantech projects, if only for a photo opp. In case the flashbulbs had you in a daze, here are the big clentech headlines of the week.

T. Boone’s Investors Say ‘See Ya’: We pointed out Sunday night that investor and wind crusader T. Boone Pickens admitted on 60 Minutes that he and his fund are down a staggering $2 billion from the drop in oil and natural gas prices this year. But now the WSJ reports half his investors are pulling out.

Nancy Pelosi to Turn On Solar-Powered Radio Station: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi officially turned on three solar arrays created by solar startup SolFocus that will partly power the transmission tower for local radio station KGO Radio in San Francisco.

Palin Visits Cleantech Startup, Pushes Oil Policy: Wearing her giant polar bear pin and touring a thin-film solar plant, Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin looked ready to embrace the cleantech world with a major policy speech on energy today. Alas, it was not to be.

Cascade Launches Oh-So-Quiet Rooftop Wind Turbine: Plastic parts maker Cascade Engineering is bringing a small rooftop wind turbine called the SWIFT to North America. The company says the SWIFT is significantly quieter than traditional small wind turbines — less than 35 decibels, compared with 40 to 50 decibels for competing products.

Intel Invests in China’s Cleantech: Intel Capital, the investment arm of semiconductor giant Intel, is looking abroad and has invested $20 million in Chinese thin-film solar provider Trony Solar, and has signed an agreement to invest in a large-scale electricity storage specialist in China NP Holdings Ltd.