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Peter Liguori, CEO, Fox Broadcasting, On Content That Matters

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imagePeter Liguori gave a keynote this Saturday morning at the SAMMA Summit in New York City. He started with talking about the value of content, in this digital age: No matter how sexy distribution is made out to be, it is just pipes…it was what you put into the pipe that matter. Skin and sports has always driven the content business. It is the message that makes the medium, and creativity drives the bottom line.

Distributors desperately need the content we all produce to keep them in business. It is that simple, it is that hard.

Digital: I take a very unpopular stance: I contend that we will have the equivalent of TV networks online, and there will be the need for someone to aggregate. But it only augments what goes on in the more traditional outlets.

About competitors and quality: NBC has to be commended for sticking to good shows and waiting for them to blossom: The Office and now, Saturday Night Live, with Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impression, is helping 30 Rock a lot as well. I wish we could do that. I put Arrested Development one year more than our management wanted to…I tried.

3 Responses to “Peter Liguori, CEO, Fox Broadcasting, On Content That Matters”

  1. Anthony S, LaRocco

    Dear Mr. Liguori

    I understand you are the CEO of Fox Broadcasting.

    My wife and I are retirees living in The Villages Florida, so we have the luxury of being able to stay up late and watch The Fox News Channel on cable TV. In fact, we have The Fox News Channel on day and night.

    Lately, we have been enjoying The Huckabee Show. Governor Huckabee has a wonderful soft-spoken manner in dealing with important and controversial issues of the day. It is unfortunate that his show is on at such a late hour, when most working people and students ( who go to bed early ), are not able to see it.

    Why not put is show on daily, in the morning, against the awful cantankerous and empty-headed ladies on The View. The American Public needs a voice of reason ( Governor Huckabee ) to offset the venum and misinformation emanating from The View.

    True The Huckabee Show opposite the view, will still not be reaching working people, but at least it will be reaching stay -at- home mothers and others who are home in the morning hours….and a greater audience than at its present late hour airing.

    Also, The Huckabee Show is truly fair and balanced.

    Your regular shows on The Fox News Channel that air during primetime are all too wonderful to be replaced, but perhaps they could have Governor Huckabee as a regular guest with clips from his morning show.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    God Bless,

    Tony LaRocco
    17089 SE 79th Clearview Ave.
    The Villages, FL 32162

    Tel. 352-751-7307

  2. True. Content is important.

    But the nature of the pipe can fundamentally change:

    – type of content distributed
    – user experience of the content
    – which content creators are enabled to distribute
    – who controls/profits from the distribution

    If Peter Liguori really thinks that the pipe doesn't matter, then I would be amazed.