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Vid-Biz: Web/TV Use, Cable Prices, Age

TV Watching and Internet Use Complement Each Other; according to a new Nielsen report, the more Internet you use, the more TV you watch; 31 percent of in-home Internet activity takes place while the user watches TV. (emailed release)

Time Warner to Raise Cable, DVR Rates; follows suit with other cable providers, though prices are determined market-by-market, some users will see a 10-12 percent jump starting in November. (DSL Reports)

Age the Primary Factor in How Video is Consumed; ABI Research finds that the willingness to adopt a new delivery method depends on how old you are. For example with DVRs, which have been around for awhile, the usage is uniform across age groups, but newer technologies like web downloads and mobile video are still predominantly used by the young. (release)

Two People, Two Shows, One TV; Texas Instruments developing technology that allows two different people wearing special glasses and headsets to watch different programs on the same television set. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Internet Broadcasting Offers Election Coverage to Local TV Sites; under a deal with the AP, IB will offer up an “Election Night” package that provides news and video clips to local TV station web site to help them try and compete nationally. (Broadcasting & Cable)

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