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Put Your Screen Saver to Work With iCalScreenSaver

That mosaic screen saver of your iPhoto pictures may look groovy, but it’s really not doing anything to help your work flow. How about a screen saver that displays all your iCal appointments instead?

PocketMac, the geniuses behind the app that lets you sync your BlackBerry and Mac, has released iCalScreenSaver. This fully configurable app lets you display your iCal appointments as a screen saver that kicks in whenever you’re not using your computer.

Once installed, iCalScreenSaver is accessed via System Preferences. You can choose the background color, which calendars you want displayed, and whether you want only the public events visible.

Obviously, this app isn’t something you’d probably need for your laptop, or even a desktop you use for work. (After all, since you’re probably not at your desk when the screen saver comes on, an onscreen calendar is of little use.) It’s a great tool, though, for letting your coworkers know where you are or when you’ll be back. 

iCalScreenSaver would also make a terrific screen saver for the family iMac in the living room. Create a “family” calendar that displays soccer practice, school holidays, and even chore reminders for the kids (“6:00: Set the table for dinner”).

Families without kids might use iCalScreenSaver to keep track of TV shows they plan to watch or weekend activities they plan to check out, college students might use it to display class schedules so roommates know how long they’ll have the dorm room to themselves. 

For screenshots and a video of iCalScreenSaver in action, check out the download page. It only costs $9.95, a small price to pay to have your appointments available at a glance.

2 Responses to “Put Your Screen Saver to Work With iCalScreenSaver”

  1. BillyGuy

    -> Torbjørn
    If you have a Jailbroken iPhone you have a soft called Intelliscreen. It makes exactly that, plus a few other features. you can find it on Cydia, and it is not free (don’t remember the price)

  2. Torbjørn Lunde

    I want this.

    Not for my mac, but for my iPhone.
    Windows Mobile has had this for many many years, even back to the Pocket PC-times.
    Calendar on iPhone would get SO MUCH more useful with something like this.