Fey-Lin Effect: 30 Rock Has Best Night Ever

Depending on how Tuesday’s election goes, this could be the last time we write about Tina Fey and her impersonation V-P candidate Sarah Palin. The good news for Fey? Her spot-on impersonations and near constant presence on Saturday Night Live over the past couple of months helped boost her show 30 Rock to its highest ratings ever.

Last season, 30 Rock averaged 6 million viewers each week. Last night’s premiere was watched by 8.5 million people. Evidently, having more than 56 million people see Tina Fey be funny on SNL can help drive a couple million eyeballs to oldteevee. Now the question is, can 30 Rock sustain all that buzz over the course of the season?

Another question: Can John McCain be a breakout viral video star in his own right? The GOP candidate is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. Instead of viewers, we’ll see if he can turn any buzz into votes.