CodeWeaver gives away 650,000 copies of CrossOver, cancels program


We told you recently how the folks at CodeWeavers were giving away their CrossOver program due to gas prices reaching a certain low level.  We knew you would want the chance to pick up this excellent program for free and we were not mistaken.  Today CodeWeavers has announced they are canceling the free CrossOver giveaway because they had 650,000 downloads of the program!  That number is staggering and it’s not hard to figure out that they will have to cancel the free giveaway or go broke.  From the corporate email we received:

On Tuesday October 28, CodeWeavers gave away 650,000 downloads of its software, valued at $45 million. It expanded its customer base by 400 percent. Some call it a success; others call it a disaster. The company is hereby officially canceling its challenge for fear it will go out of business.

We hope you snagged your copy of CrossOver as a giveaway like this won’t likely happen again.


Ron P

@ Howard
I knew I was the recipient. Glad you got a chuckle

Like they say, It is better to need and have an item that you obtained for free, then to want an item and not have it, AND KNOW IT WAS AVAILABLE A WHILE BACK FOR FREE!!
Now that is a Killer!


@Raphael Salgado:
> But my point is that the “Free” mentality is ever so prevalent in the computer market and I wonder how many have grabbed these downloads and will never use them or have no need?

I laughed as I read this, not because it’s funny, but because it’s *so* true. The second I heard about the giveaway I immediately went and downloaded both Mac versions and both Linux versions. Given that my laptop is running Ubuntu as it’s one and only OS, I think I may be one of the folks to actually give the software a run throught it’s paces.

So, it is something about when people hear the word ‘free’, or is it that computer users just hate to pay for software? I wonder.

Ron P

Well Im glad I got mine. Now I just need a MAC. LOL. Before anyone cries abuse, I have a MacBook I will install it on. But my point is that the “Free” mentality is ever so prevalent in the computer market and I wonder how many have grabbed these downloads and will never use them or have no need? While they can claim a loss of $45 million, but of that loss, I wonder how many of these copies would never have been sold? Some interesting points to ponder I think. May very well have been a brilliant marketing scheme, and I bet there is a brand new release around the corner.
But I thank them for a very generous offer regardless.

Raphael Salgado

I’d definitely pay for an updated version of this program once it’s available. So much nicer than having to fire up a virtual machine or reboot into a Windows partition on my Mac.

Thanks, CodeWeavers. Next time, perhaps you should have a limited-download available.


I just hope they don’t get overwhelmed by support requests from people who now will be expecting their free support – I figure the idea is that if you truly enjoy the program you’ll buy another copy or get a friend to pick it up.

So far, I got it installed on my MacBook and the only thing I tried so far was installing mIRC, which works even though they don’t claim full support for it. I was surprised to see it running so smoothly and use apparently less resources than Colloquy.

Haven’t tried any games yet, but this seems like another great alternative to Parallels.


The version you downloaded is fully unlocked.

Also, I wonder what their revenue stream will look like cause of this…

650,000 free giveaways may translate into many more repeat customers down the road. Who knows?

Chris Bulow

I downloaded it, installed it (although not actually fired up any Windows apps yet) all without any licence code being asked for…

Rick Huizinga

I still haven’t received the e-mail with my license code. I hope they are only cancelling future downloads vs. not living up to their previous commitments.

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