CodeWeaver gives away 650,000 copies of CrossOver, cancels program

We told you recently how the folks at CodeWeavers were giving away their CrossOver program due to gas prices reaching a certain low level.  We knew you would want the chance to pick up this excellent program for free and we were not mistaken.  Today CodeWeavers has announced they are canceling the free CrossOver giveaway because they had 650,000 downloads of the program!  That number is staggering and it’s not hard to figure out that they will have to cancel the free giveaway or go broke.  From the corporate email we received:

On Tuesday October 28, CodeWeavers gave away 650,000 downloads of its software, valued at $45 million. It expanded its customer base by 400 percent. Some call it a success; others call it a disaster. The company is hereby officially canceling its challenge for fear it will go out of business.

We hope you snagged your copy of CrossOver as a giveaway like this won’t likely happen again.


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