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8 Horrid Halloween iPhone Apps

It’s Friday the 31st of October and that means only one chilling thing… it’s time for our first annual Halloween App Store Roundup. On this frightful Friday, we went bobbing for a selection of the most spooktacular Apps created just for Halloween.

This Halloween we’re looking at Psi, Scare Tracks, MonstAr Maker, Halloween WordSearch, Trick or Treat, Ghost Pop, Jack O’Lantern and Free Hangman.

Psi ($0.99) – Remember that scene right at the start of Ghostbusters, the one where Venkman is testing a guy and a girl for ESP abilities? Well prepare to live like you’re in the movies as this app lets you conduct your very own ESP experiments to test your pals for latent psychic potential. Unfortunately you can’t electric shock your test subjects, as in the classic movie.

Scare Tracks ($0.99) – No Halloween is complete without a suitably spooky soundtrack, music that will chill even the most fearless trick or treaters to the very bone. Whilst you may have a few horrific albums in your music collection — we’re looking at all the people who bought Britney’s latest album here — Scare Tracks hosts a truly horrible selection of cinematic-style audio treats.

MonstAr Maker ($0.99) – Shake your iPhone to create your own freaky-deaky creatures. As each MonstAr Maker creation is constructed of three separate bits – head, torso and legs – there’s an incredible amount of ghastly abhorations and frightful freaks that can be generated. The designers of MonstAr Maker, wickedly-named Escape Plan B, also invite everyone to send in their own weird creatures to be chopped up and fed in to the app for future releases.

Halloween WordSearch (free) – For avid-readers and puzzle-fanatics, there’s nothing better than taking on a devious wordsearch. As it’s Halloween, we’ve donned our mad scientist garb and plucked a fine specimen from the jar that’s packed full of deliciously dark words.

Trick or Treat ($0.99) – On all Hallows Eve, there’s nothing better than getting dressed up in a ghoulish costume and doing a bit of trick or treating. If candy collecting is your favorite bit of the spooky season then you’ll adore this super-cute game. Take on the role of Wendy the Witch and tilt your iPhone help her grab the falling candy, with awfully awesome artwork and grotesquely gorgeous gameplay.

Ghost Pop (free) – Whilst those naughty folks at Jirbo do seem to clog up our beloved App Store with some terrible games, this time they’ve managed to serve up a real treat and, what’s more, it’s free too. With a swarm of ghouls flying around the screen all you’ve got to do is tap and pop as many as you can. As an extra bonus, Mario fans will appreciate the Boo-style ghosts too.

Jack O’Lantern (free) – Tradition dictates that you’ve got to indulge in a little pumpkin carving at this time of year. But what to do if botched up your pumpkin carving with some bad knife work? Or, worse still, what if you just can’t find a pumpkin to carve? Stay calm and avoid the rising urge to crush, kill and destroy as all you’ve got to do is grab Jack O’Lantern for your iPhone. This app provides an endless assortment of virtual pumpkins to carve.

Free Hangman (free) – Our final selection, dragged from the dank depths of the App Store is Free Hangman. Spelling champions and pedants alike will derive a special sense of pleasure from testing their word-power with this Halloween-themed hangman game. Even losing the game is morbidly fun as the executioner hangs a Sleepy Hollow style Jack O’Lantern  from a wretched old tree.

That’s all for this year’s Halloween Roundup, rest assured though, you’re welcome to come knock on our door next year for another selection of Halloween treats from the App Store. If you enjoyed this Halloween special, be sure to check out our regular App Store Roundup every Saturday.

In the meantime, drop by the comments and tell us what you’ll be doing with your iPhone this Halloween.

9 Responses to “8 Horrid Halloween iPhone Apps”

  1. Good apps!I saw PvZ on sale yesterday…yea. My assignments almost didn’t get finished that day.
    PS: I have some other good APPS from Aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.

  2. Hi, This is a nice original list of Halloween apps. I have just written a similar post myself but didn’t include any of these (perhaps my list is a little too obvious). I wanted to take a look at Jack O’Lantern but when I click the link in your post It tells me its not available in the UK or US stores.
    I reviewed a pumpkin carving app called HallowCarver which is really rather good. Zombie Pizza is also a fun little game.