ShareThis Is Sharing More

ShareThis, a Cincinnati-based startup whose handy plugin lets users share web site links and publishers track the popularity of web content, says it now has 91 million unique users and grew its publisher base by 15,000 to a total of 60,000 in the third quarter.

With the company’s little green plugin tool, users can send web content to friends in their social networks or address books; they can also post links directly into their social networking site profiles. Publishers who install the button can gather user metrics, among them unique views, click-through ratios and readers’ content popularity rankings.

In January, the company said more than 26 million unique users had installed the ShareThis button over a two-month period. When Nextumi, the company behind ShareThis, raised a $15 million Series B round in March, Om noted that ShareThis said it was growing at 50 percent each month. In terms of the most recent unique user count, it’s fallen behind that growth rate.

But with even online advertising revenue expected to head south in the current belt-tightening environment, it’s a good time to be a startup that monetizes content measurement rather than one of the many young companies relying on ad distribution as a business model. Publishers are going to be looking for every possible way to get more users to visit their sites, but might not be so quick to spend on ads.