NBA Offers Streaming Subscription Service


The NBA announced yesterday that it will now offer a standalone broadband subscription service, allowing fans to watch the games online.

The awkwardly-titled “NBA League Pass Broadband” service will let hoops fans watch up to 40 live, regular season, out-of-market games each week (that’s out of more than 900 games for the season in most markets). The service also features multiple-game viewing in a mosaic, stats and replays of games you might have missed.

According to the NBA’s site, local and national blackout rules still apply based on your location. Games are streamed in Flash at the highest possible bitrate, based on your connection, but they top out at 800 Kbps. There’s even a subscription option for international viewers. NBA League Pass Broadband costs $84.95 until Nov. 11, after which it goes up to $99.95.

This is the league’s first standalone broadband package. Previously, the NBA offered games online as part of the NBA League Pass cable or satellite TV package.

The NBA joins Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, which also offer broadband subscription packages to watch the games. The National Football League is dabbling with free streaming of select games in the U.S. right now, and already streams HD versions of games internationally.


Warriors Fan

I want to kill my TV (cancel cable) so badly because there’s nothing worth watching… the problem is that I’m an NBA addict and the new season starts in a couple of months. I’d love to sign onto this NBA League Pass Broadband service and just shut off the cable, but I’d have to miss not only the entire season of Warrior games, but also the most “in demand” games of the year (anything aired on ESPN, TNT, or ABC). So basically I’m f*ed in the a either way.

I wish this subscription had a more expensive version that would air any game any time… I’d pay extra for that…


Looks like IP, I tried the free trial, and the blackouts are not moving when I change locations.

Dave Zatz

I wonder if they determine “out of market” based on your registration info or your IP address? If it’s registration, this may not help frequent travelers who want to keep up with their local team.

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