HP talking to carriers to offer 3G-subsidized netbooks


The HP Mini 1000s have piqued a lot of interest and that interest may ramp up even more if HP’s current discussions with wireless carriers produce fruit.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that HP is in discussion with US carriers to offer subsized versions of the Mini 1000 netbook with 3G service contracts.  HP told us the Mini 1000 would be 3G-enabled early next year so this fits right in with that.  HP specifically mentioned Verizon and AT&T but of course this is all preliminary.  So think about it.  How much would you pay for a Mini 1000 with a 2-year 3G data contract with one of the carriers?  Remember that the commitment will be around $60 per month on top of the netbook price.  Let us know in the comments how much you’d be wiling to pay.




Thanks, for making that clear.

With all the talk of 3G, I was thinking wireless G was 3G and not normal 802.11g.

Kevin C. Tofel

C64, the HP Mini comes with a “wireless G” card, not a 3G card, standard. Basically, you can choose beteween an 802.11g WiFi card with or without Bluetooth right now. I wonder how many folks will think a “wireless G” card is a wireless broadband 3G card. Ugh…


JK – Right now, a 3G card is included with every HP MIni 1000 sold from HP’s online US store.

I keep reading here that 3G is coming next year to the 1000, seems like its here now?

For some reason its a required option too, yet I’d guess 95% of buyers will never use it.


The idea makes sense since they eliminated the card slot that the majority of mobile broadband warriors still use. Not everybody can upgrade to a USB wireless solution.

How much would I pay? That depends on a lot of factors. Would the device be cheaper while keeping the plan price the same? Or would the plan prices be subsidized keeping the unit price untouched? Also, I’m concerned about cap I would be restricted to (tethering is not subject to a cap) and whether or not the 3G hardware would be user replaceable if I choose to change providers.

With the unit priced at $399 and 5GB plans at $60/month, it would be great to get the unit with $50-75 off and pair it with a plan for $30-45/month. Of course, that would be a huge loss to the wireless providers.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if all we get is the 3G hardware from HP’s end for $50 extra and a measly $10/month discount on the plan.

T Man

At that monthly data pricing point, I would say near free, $100 max. If they were to offer some sort of discounted data pricing, say around $30/month instead of $60, then I’d be willing to pay a little more for the device up front. Still, then, $250 max.

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