client hits iPhone, offers remote file viewing


BoxnetiphoneHaving storage in the cloud is great, but easy access to your data is the icing on the cake. is one of those online storage services we’ve mentioned before and WebWorkerDaily caught wind of an iPhone client app for the service. Of course, just being able to look at what you have in your "box" while mobile doesn’t really add value. That’s why the free application offers preview functionality right on your phone or iPod Touch. You can view images, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint files and PDFs with the application. service plans start at $7.95 a month for 5GB, but you can nab a gigabyte of storage and use complementary iPhone app at no charge. The current version of the iPhone app is "view only" so you can’t modify file contends or folder structure just yet. However, you can share files with e-mail contacts and directly upload photos from your iPhone.


Sean Lindo

This is Sean over at Kevin, is a web-based service, so you’ll be able to access files stored on Box on any platform (Windows/Mac/Linux). In addition to our free 1 GB plan, we offer paid plans that offer more storage, file size limits and bandwidth. In addition to viewing files, Box’s iPhone app will let you share individual files or entire folders of content, and it will also let you monitor updates to your Box account, such as files or folders added by yourself or others contributing or collaborating on your account. Let us know if you need more info about our service.



I’m looking into setting up an account with either or sugarsync to use in conjunction with my iPhone. Which do you find to be of more practical use, or sugarsync or some other service? I’m using a windows box, so the Mac only clients will not be of use.


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