Aigo MID reviewed- hacker’s delight

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Aigo_midThe MID category can be a confusing one for sure, as it is difficult to define who the target market might be.  Most regular consumers are likely served well by a connected smartphone as MIDs don’t seem to offer more to them.  Geeks will delight in the ability to put a whole computer in such a small package so they are perhaps the ones MIDs are aimed at.

Aigo has the only MID shipping globally these days and Pocketables has gotten their hands on one.  They have published a very thorough review of the P8860 MID and at the end of the day they have a hard time defining who will find this device compelling.  The Aigo ships with a special locked-down version of Linux that restricts removing or installing of apps by the user but as Pocketables found it is a highly hackable device.  Many folks are putting XP on it to open it up and this is the group that perhaps will find the MID most compelling.  Check out the great review and see what you think of one of the first MIDs to actually ship.

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Brook Zerihun

The aigo drivers from DFJ are working and the Aigo has a new face. XP works nice on this device. Touch GPS bluetooth are working now to Audio. The hardest part if flashing the Aigo, after that it was all down hill. :)bvg

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