Beatles Game Confirmed: Has Yoko’s Blessing, Due Out By Next Christmas


MTV’s Harmonix games studio and The Beatles’ *Apple* Corps label have confirmed they will develop “a music-making” video game that allows gamers to play some of the band’s songs from its UK back-catalog. The title has no scheduled release date but will be ready by Christmas of next year, the pair told reporters on a conference call. Digital downloads of Beatles’ songs is another matter — *Apple* Corps said it is still working on that and has nothing yet to announce.

The new game will not be an expansion pack for Harmonix’s Rock Band but “a new full-blown custom game title production built from the ground up,” Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos told reporters. The companies declined to give any details about likely gameplay features because, *Apple* Corps CEO Jeff Jones said, “the game is in development, which is why we don’t want to talk about how it’s going to turn out a year from now.” But it’s likely to come with musical game instruments and other features new from those already in Rock Band.

Rigopulos: “There will be interactive performance of The Beatles’ music as well as a number of new dimensions to how to experience this music and the artistry of The Beatles that you haven’t seen from us before. We have a unique opportunity for us to forge in a new creative (direction) in the music game genre and do things which have never been done. We want to take players on a sort of experiential journey through the band’s imagery and ideas and vision as they evolved over the course of their time together.” MTV


mike sala

I would like someone to just release a music video DVD of all the longs on the game, images & all – without having to bang or button-push along….It should be a Beatles avatar music video DVD because the videos are gorgeous…as for the play-along “simon – 4 color” instrumental thing, leave the cheese to the experts – like Kraft !!!

Robert Andrews

It's a quirk in our system, which is clever enough to recognise "Apple" but not "Apple Corps". I've overridden it now. Thanks.


You should check your facts. The Beatles Apple is NOT traded on Nasdaq and its symbol is NOT AAPL, that is Apple Computers. Not very professional writing and editing


What does it mean "play" the songs? Press and hold down a button while a mix plays?

Paul McCartie

Yoko's blessing? Does that mean you lose points if you manage to sing on key?

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