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We talk about a lot of PCs here on jkOnTheRun, from little bitty handheld PCs to laptops so big you can’t actually carry them anywhere.  One thing that is common to all our coverage of these varied PCs is how you readers never fail to have good ideas to make them better or change them in a significant way.  Intel and Asus want to hear from you folks as they have created WePC, a site to solicit design ideas to build innovative and practical PCs for their markets.  The site may be the first attempt to develop community designed PCs that fit what real people want to see.  On WePC you can share ideas with people just like you, or maybe different enough people to help you hone in on that perfect PC design.  You can also vote on the ideas of others.  Give it a shot and see if you can be a PC designer in your spare time.


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Eddie W.

Hey, all you TC1100 lovers out there! Go to my link and vote for it:

Click on the thumbs up icon at the top of the description. Maybe with enough votes, they’ll bring back an updated version of this excellent tablet!

Be sure to comment with any changes or additions you’d like!!

– Eddie –


I would like gaming external graphics to become a reality, the Asus XG Station is still a no-go even after being announced nearly 2 years ago, but I suspect its because of the poor bandwidth of the Expresscard slots.

Maybe Expresscard 2.0 standard will fix this, or how about the ATI XGP?

External graphics are a great idea, less heat on the laptop itself, easily upgradable, you can overclock it without damaging the laptop, put it in SLI/Crossfire, etc. etc.

Understanding PPC

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Is it me or does this seem like a marketing gimmick? Pardon my cynicism, but I simply can’t see this site inspiring any innovation that these companies are not already aware of.

Our demands have always been simple:
Last long. Don’t crash. Be comfortable.

When they start making these three requirements paramount in their design plans, then we can start talking about making things bigger or smaller.

William C Bonner

It’s kind of interesting that drawing the machine is before picking the specs of the machine.

I want a netbook with a great screen and keyboard, network connectivity, and a good battery. I want it designed for primarily living and working in the cloud.

Even HP reduced their screen when they increased the processor!

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