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More Celebs, CEOs Want You to Vote

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Oh wait. Zach Braff wants me to vote. Let me rescue my mail-in ballot from the recycle bin then.

Sigh. The one good thing about this election almost being over is that I won’t have to sit through any more insufferable celeb-studded videos reminding me of my civic duty.

This latest one is directed by Steven Spielberg and features Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio. As if actors from your own country weren’t blowhardy enough, it also features Canadian Ryan Reynolds, Englishman Orlando Bloom and Kazahkstan’s famous fake reporter Borat.

Not to be outdone, a number of CEOs have formed their own voting supergroup video. Eric Schmidt, Donald Trump and John Chambers are among the bosses announcing that they are giving their employees one hour to vote. One hour? Obviously these CEOs have never ridden MUNI.

The CEO video is part of a Google-launched initiative, which found (in typically Google-y fashion) that the No. 1 reason people didn’t vote in 2004 was because they were too busy. If I were a CEO, I’d be less worried about the time spent voting and more concerned about employees following the live election coverage all day.

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