Google's Knol: Not Perfect, But Better as it Grows Up

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A little while back, I wrote a post about Google’s Knol site, which was initially announced in December of 2007. A Knol is “a unit of knowledge,” according to Google, and the Knol site collects “authoritative articles about specific topics.” Since that previous post, Knol has expanded its library of articles pretty dramatically. For some web workers, it may represent a useful knowledge base.

The body of knowledge collected at the Knol site isn’t limited to technology, but there are many useful articles on tech-related topics. Here are some examples.

You can find a large collection of featured Knol articles here. This one, titled “10 Best Free Windows Applications,” includes several popular web worker applications, and some you may not have tried. This Knol discusses many ways to post to a blog, including popular Firefox extensions for doing so. Here, an angel investor provides in-depth discussion of how to pitch a business to angel investors.

There are enough Knols at the Knol site now that you may be best served by using the search box at the upper right to drill down to what you want. I searched for “Firefox,” for example, and found a few interesting extensions that I hadn’t heard of described here.

Like Wikipedia, Knol can be criticized for not necessarily collecting information that is always accurate, and it’s also not a focused and themed site. However, like Wikipedia, it has also gotten much more useful as more content has been added. Maybe some diamonds in the rough await you there.

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Internetagentur München

I assume that Knol will be better than Wikipedia if google is able to integrate a better search engine in Knol than the one which is in Wikipedia. A semantic search engine would be ideal.

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