TAB Welcomes: Clayton Lai


Hi everyone, from the little red dot known as Singapore!

I have a confession to make: I am a recent switcher. Being in the broadcast and advertising industry, I have always been surrounded by Macs. Just about every one—from production companies to advertising agencies to postproduction facilities—uses Macs. But, for whatever reasons I cannot for my life recall now, it never occurred to me to make the switch; I was pretty happy with Windows XP and the Sony VAIO TR5 ultra-portable it ran on. I was in the minority; I was John Hodgman.

Fast-forward to mid-2007. One fine day in May, I received word through the grapevine that someone was letting go of a seven-month-old MacBook Pro 17″ (Core Duo, 1GB RAM and 120GB HDD) in mint condition. The price was too attractive to ignore. A couple of days later, I sat in front of that MacBook Pro and realized, for the first time, what it must be like to discover an advanced civilization on another planet. Coming from an entrenched power user who had squeezed Windows for all of its worth, for me to say that the Mac experience was a profound life experience is no small praise.

I am never going back. Until the day when, somehow, my Mac gets pried from my cold, dead fingers, you can find me on my MacBook Pro more than I should, writing about everything Mac, instead of being out there chasing the light as a photographer, on a shooting set making television commercials, or working on my first feature film. I’m honored to be part of The Apple Blog and I look forward to your feedback and comments!


steve d

exactly in the same seat as you mate. A welcome and refreshing change isnt it. *breathes fresh air*

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