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Logitech Buys SightSpeed For Video Conferencing

[qi:086] Logitech (s LOGI), a Swiss maker of computer peripherals, has acquired video conferencing software maker SightSpeed of Berkeley, Calif., for approximately $30 million in cash. The deal is expected to close sometime in November and will have no material impact on Logitech’s business. SightSpeed was started in 2001 and has about 25 employees. Video conferencing is becoming a larger part of business for peripheral makers such as Logitech, who are seeing an increase in the sales of computer-attached video cameras. Logitech, I suspect, is trying to distinguish itself by tightly marrying its hardware to software from SightSpeed.

The acquisition of SightSpeed will provide Logitech with video calling technology and a software and services development team that can be focused on future video calling initiatives that can enable cross-platform video communications with an intuitive, lifelike experience, for people sitting in front of a personal computer or with their family in a living room. (Press Release)

19 Responses to “Logitech Buys SightSpeed For Video Conferencing”

  1. tinyhands

    I’ve used SightSpeed a lot and really like it just as it is. I hope Logitech doesn’t mess with it. I never loaded the bundled software that came with my Logitech webcam and I really don’t want to have to talk all my friends & family through switching to Skype if they mangle it.

  2. Have you used SightSpeed before, Om? I did a couple of years ago and was really impressed. If anyone else used it I’d totally use it instead of Skype for video calls. Now I presume far more people will use it. I’m curious about the economics of the deal, but I hope it’s good for SightSpeed.