Lenovo goes SplashTop- IdeaPad S10e announced


Lenovo_ideapad_s10_2Lenovo has teamed up with the SplashTop folks to produce a netbook model with instant-on web capabilities in the IdeaPad S10e netbook.  The S10e is the same as the S10 netbook I have been testing with the addition of the SplashTop capability that Lenovo has termed "QuickStart".  QuickStart basically lets you boot into basic web capability such as Skype, web browsing and email without having to boot the entire OS. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Lenovo to bring instant-on capabilities to netbook users,” says Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeviceVM. “Netbook users want an instant-on, instant-off, efficient and secure way to get online, and Splashtop is the perfect solution.”

“Lenovo is committed to bringing the best-in-class user experience to our customers,” said Sam Dusi, vice president, notebook product marketing, Lenovo. “We are excited about our agreement with DeviceVM, which will help us deliver an unparalleled Internet experience to our IdeaPad netbook customers.”

Quickstart_v5_epg1 Quickstart_v5_w_epg2_copy



U forgot to mention that it also comes with Veriface face recongnization software.


So I have to have a wi-fi connection to edit a text document? No thanks.


It’s stilly that computing tasks with very small system requirments aren’t included. I shouldn’t need to boot up into the full OS to edit a text document or use a calculator.

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