Free CrossOver Day Today!


Put away your credit cards and get your download link-clicking fingers primed and ready, because Codeweavers is offering a copy of either CrossOver Linux or Mac for free to all comers…today only! The programs, which normally retail for $40, will be available free of charge (one license per customer) until midnight CST.

The giveaway is the result of the Bush administration actually achieving one of Codeweaver CEO Jeremy White’s “Lame Duck” goals, according to TUAW, who made the announcement earlier today. Specifically, the goal achieved was a price in gas of $2.79, which was actually precipitated by global economic conditions and not specific action from the White House. Still, White is making good on his promise.

CrossOver is a user friendly GUI for the Wine open source code, which allows Windows applications to be run on either OS X or Linux platforms without actually purchasing or installing a Windows license. The version available for download today will apparently be CrossOver for Mac professional, which includes CrossOver Games and 12 months support.

Let’s just hope the Codeweavers servers hold out! Check the official press release here for more information on how to get your free download, and see the remaining items on the “Lame Duck” list.


Борислава Валерьеновна

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Tom Reestman

They’ve modified the server page. Now you can download the app and they’ll email you a serial number in a few days.

I use VMWare Fusion so I don’t really have a need for this, but I’ve downloaded it and am curious to try it out once my serial number arrives.

christian Millar

I guess the servers couldn’t hold up. The page is down, but the download links are there

Darrell Etherington

@Peto I wish I could. The site seems to go on and off, at least the back-up with serial code registration and full-version download links, anyways, so keep trying.

Also I think the support is still fairly limited, although it seems to include a lot of commonly used programs at least. They do give a pretty accurate description of what to expect in their “Truth in Advertising” section, which I can’t link because you’ve killed their servers. :)


@Darrell can you do something about the codeweavers site ;)

I used CrossOver on my linux days and was pretty happy with it. I only needed to use Office however, when ever I tried to run something that was not officially supported I was disappointed. So at least back then the support was limited to very few applications.



The site is down.

But which is it today

“offering a copy of either CrossOver Linux or Mac for free to all comers…today only!”

or tomorrow

“The version available for download tomorrow”


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