Documents To Go Coming to iPhone


For those of us who at one time depended on a Palm device for our pocket computing needs, Documents To Go is a familiar name. The program, which was eventually bundled with new Palm devices, allowed users to access and edit Microsoft Office documents on the Palm OS. A new teaser at Documents To Go developer Dataviz’s site suggests that the program will soon make the leap to the iPhone.

To date, no app has enabled Office document editing on Apple’s iPhone, although many offer the ability to view them. There are also a number of rich-text editing applications, and some that allow creation and editing of spreadsheets. Office support is offered natively on the BlackBerry platform, so were the iPhone to gain editing capability, it might make the decision to switch easier for enterprise buyers.

When the SDK was first announced, there was some indication that Microsoft would offer their own application to support document editing on Apple’s mobile platform. If Dataviz’s teaser is to be believed, they may beat Redmond to the punch. Note however, that the teaser image says “Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your iPhone”, and does not specifically mention editing. Still, on all platforms it currently appears on, editing is supported.

No hint at pricing is made, but both Palm and BlackBerry operating systems include the Standard edition, while the Premium version retails for $69.99. The iPhone’s App Store pricing has tended to favor less expensive pricing schemes, so it will be interesting to see if Dataviz prices its product differently for the platform. Conversely, users who need it might be willing to pay a premium for the ability to edit Office docs.

No word on a release date, but the teaser site offers the ability to sign up and be notified when the product is available.



Hope it’s less crash-prone than the version I used on my Palm T3 and TX. Still good news though. If I can thumb-type in landscape mode, I’ll be a very happy boy. Still, for me, the best news of all would be iWork for the iPhone.


I wish they’d offer Passwords Plus, at a low, competitive price, for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I don’t want to transfer all my data to another program.

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