Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Turns To Acting

The Pirate of Woz
The Pirate of Woz

With the abrupt end of Bill Gates’s recent promotional tête à tete with Seinfeld, there’s clearly a comedy void left somewhere in the galaxy. Fortunately, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, may be just the right shape to fill that void and restore equilibrium.

Though far from scraping the bottom of the tech-celebrity barrel by endorsing a lackluster product, Woz is actually promoting Scott Jordan’s ScotteVest apparel. There are currently two webisodes up, the first finds the big guy doing a spot of fishing (using an iPod for bait) and the second one is a nonsensical Star Wars spoof which seemingly has nothing to do with the ScotteVest products.

There’s definitely a smart idea behind the ScotteVest range — the apparel is designed for guy and girl geeks specifically, the kind of folk who carry tons of digital gadgetry and gizmos. We’re talking jackets and hoodies with pockets to hold an array of essential gadgets (including an awesome feature called CollarConnect™ that runs your headphone wires through the clothing for maximum efficiency).

With such attention to detail, it’s clear as to why Woz — with his awful yet wonderfully endearing style of acting — would appear in a ScotteVest advert.

Head on over to the ScotteVest website to check out Steve Wozniak’s adverts now.