@ FOBM: Dow Jones Editor-In-Chief Robert Thomson Says Premium Content Continues To Play A Role


Last year, around the time of our first Future of Business Media Conference, News Corp had just acquired Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS). Now, at the second annual event, Robert Thomson, the editor-in-chief of the Dow Jones & Company and the managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, provided an update on the acquisition, including his current thinking on the debate over free vs paid content, investing in journalism, and globalization and the media. Some highlights from the Q&A:

On free vs. paid content: Thomson: “A large portion of the journal is free, and where there


Chris M

I agree with Mike. Since the News Corp acquisition, they have actually reduced their business coverage and analysis and started providing more world news, which I can get on the web for free. I have debated switching to Investors Business Daily, but it is a hard switch since I have been reading the Journal since 1982. So "high end financial news" has actually been declining in the WSJ print edition.

Mike Scanlon

I subscribed to the WSJ for more than 15 years and thought the price was a bargain for what i got.
I reluctantly dropped my subscription earlier this month, a year into the Murdoch era. The Journal's great strength for me was to put things in context, and provide offbeat business-oriented stories.
I was fewer and fewer of these over the past year, and a lot more news of the minute, which can be found anywhere.
I'm mourning the loss of the great paper that I once read and am looking for a replacement.

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