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Broadband Content Bits: Telegraph Adds Onion; AOL Shuts Pictures, Adds Brightcove

— Telegraph Gets Onion Videos: A side-effect of satirical US news publisher The Onion deal to distribute video to the UK via MyVideoRights: is adding 18 vids from its War For the White House channel.

— AOL (NYSE: TWX) Signs Up For Brightcove Video Ads: AOL has signed up to use the Brightcove video player across its sites, including its expansive Platform-A network of digital ad agencies, AOL Music, AOL and Engadget. According to the company, AOL’s various sites account for 17 million unique users a month in the UK and will give a boost to the companies now ploughing into Platform-A after its UK launch in October. AOL is the first portal to implement Brightcove after the launch of its latest version earlier this month. Release.

— AOL Pictures To Shut Down: More AOL news: the company is shutting down its Pictures Division to concentrate its efforts on advertising, reports A company spokesman told NMA that since AOL’s shift to an ad-based business model from a subscription based model meant that “managing and maintaining hosted and subscription-based services is not in the best long term interest of our users or our business”. Anyone with images stored on AOL Pictures will be able to get hold of their pics form next year through AOL’s picture partner Pixum.