TubeMogul Acquires Illumenix


Web video syndication analytics firm TubeMogul acquired Illumenix, another video metrics company, today. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Illumenix is a Flash-based analytics company that can can track how much of a video is actually watched, what the popular segments of a video are and when a viewer leaves. On a more macro level, Illumenix can track site-wide stats such as minutes viewed and viewer behavior, and it can also offer referral and search term information.

TubeMogul says it currently has 40,000 users, including CBS and web sensation “Fred.” Illumenix’s client roster includes Revision3 and eBaum’s World.

TubeMogul has 12 employees, and Illumenix’s 5 employees (and three part-timers) will be moving into TubeMogul’s Emeryville, Calif.-based offices. TubeMogul raised $1.5 million in its first round of funding in February of this year.

This is another startup-acquires-another-startup in the web video analytics space this year. In January, Visible Measures acquired VidMeter.


Tim Street

Go Go Power Rangers!

Look out, they truly are Tube Moguls.

Nice to see someone spending in this economy.


Mike Hudack

Congratulations to both TubeMogul and Illumenix. This is a great move for both of them.


Mike Hudack
Co-founder & CEO,

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