MSI Wind BIOS upgrade offers more than Atom over-clocking


MsivideomemorySince all of the football games were over and I had lost by two scant points in Fantasy Football (darn bye week for my kicker!), I was too melancholy to sleep last night. So like any good little geek, I started to tinker with devices and finally got around to upgrading the BIOS in my MSI Wind. As James pointed out, the guide at Electric Vagabond is a good place to start for version 1.09 of the BIOS. I actually tried to use MSI’s Live Update utility first, but it couldn’t find any newer BIOS version for me. Odd, since I was at version 1.05. Maybe the Live Update app had a bye week too?

So everything went without a hitch although the upgrade wouldn’t take when I had 2GB of RAM in my device. I had to pull the nine screws on the back casing and rip out the 1GB RAM module I put into the Wind a few weeks back. After the BIOS was upgraded successfully, it was a quick swap back for the RAM module and I’m dead serious when I say this can be done in all of three minutes.

Aside from the ability to overclock the 1.GHz Atom by 8%, 15% or 24% while on AC power, I noticed that the maximum shared graphics memory got a nice boost too. For this reason alone, I recommend the BIOS upgrade to any Wind owner, especially if you’ve added extra RAM to the netbook. Prior the upgrade, at least on the BIOS version I was running, 64MB of RAM was the maximum amount that the integrated graphics could use. With BIOS version 1.09, my Wind can now use up to 224MB of video memory, which should be useful as the Wind is a great mobile web-video viewing machine. Have any upgraders found additional functionality or features gained from this upgrade?



Actually i didn’t have to remove ram to install the bios. Which method did you use? the bootable usb? i used the winflash program and it went without a hitch.

Spencer from Electric Vagabond

Thanks for the link again. The video memory upgrade has been around since the 1.07 Bios. The 1.07 Bios was officially released by MSI but pulled from their website as certain flashing methods tended to semi-brick machines.

Video memory is increased to 128MB on 1GB RAM Winds and as you found James 224MB on 2GB RAM machines. This is actually briefly mentioned in the start of my guide (and my 1.08 upgrade guide).

Also as per Step 7 and the troubleshooting section of my guide, you don’t have to remove your RAM (even if it does only take a few mins) you just have to hold Esc when booting to access the bios splash screen to disable the onboard memory there.

Anyway good job on the update. The Wind kicks ass with 1.09 – I think it tips the scales slightly in the Wind’s favor when compared with the 1000H.


The 1.08 bios increased usable graphics memory (certainly did on the Advent 4211 which is the same).

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