Amazon Kindle deal: $309 this week with code

KindlehandThis news is a few days old, but for folks lusting after an Amazon Kindle, it’s worth the mention. Oprah Winfrey featured the Kindle on Friday’s episode, which is the one where she shares her favorite things. Although I didn’t watch the show this year, it’s actually one that I usually catch. No, I don’t hear about any new devices or anything, it’s simply interesting to see what items make Oprah’s cut.

Jeff Bezos was on the show as well and after sharing all of the wonderful features of the eBook reader, he and Oprah teamed up to offer a $50 discount code that’s good through the end of this week. Use the code OPRAHWINFREY to nab a Kindle for $309. That’s a pretty solid deal for a device that uses eInk and has integrated EV-DO for near-instant book purchases in Sprint 3G coverage areas. If that deal isn’t appealing, try the super-secret discount code of KEVINISAGEEK; your Kindle will be pre-loaded with every book I’ve ever written for the all-inclusive, extra-special price of just $359…


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