MySpace Shuts Holland Office; Hyves Wins Dutch Buzz

MySpace is to shut its Netherlands office after just eight months, after failing to make significant headway against indigenous rival Hyves. The News Corp-owned social net has faced stiff competition from the local counterpart despite building a community of around 650,000 Dutch members. Though MySpace commands an eye-watering 12 percent of all web traffic in America, it seems a concerted effort to become the number one destination for the Netherlands’ young folk has stalled somewhat: Hyves has more than five million Dutch users.

A MySpace spokesperson told CNET the localised site, which Webwereld said will continue being run from Berlin and London along with other localisations.

— US expansion: Alphaville is making it first overseas expansion with the move of journalist Stacy Marie Ishmael to New York full time. Grimshaw says: “There’s great interest from the US and since we’ve switched to the new access model we’ve seen that increasing: half the 750,000 registered users we have on the site are from the US”. Thousands read the occasional two-hour Markets Live blog sessions on Alphaville and Grimshaw says the team “would love” to run a US-only edition. Grimshaw declined to say how much traffic Alphaville gets but said it was split 40 percent from the UK, 30 percent US and 30 percent from the rest of the world.

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