Qik launches live-stream alpha for BlackBerry handsets


QiklogoThe live video-streaming boxing match enters a new round today with Qik counter-punching an alpha for select BlackBerry handsets. Those of us sitting ringside saw a similar function land a right-hook on the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve through software from Next2Friends. Any corner manager worth their salt is obviously going to fight back as this space heats up. Not only does your phone act as a live web-cam for all the Internet to see, but the streams are recorded for posterity and you can tie in your activities with Twitter so all your peeps know when to tune in.

Qik’s free alpha software requires the BlackBerry Operating System 4.5 and up plus one of these handsets: the Pearl 8120, 8130 or the new Bold. Qik tells us that their software for the Curve and Pearl Flip 8220 will be available soon. What started out as a live video streaming solution for Symbian S60 devices has "qikly" moved to Windows Mobile, Java-based feature phones and now BlackBerry devices. There’s an iPhone version in the works as well. I haven’t seen it myself, but Robert Scoble got the Qik folks to install it on his non-jailbroken device and it should be submitted to the iTunes App Store soon. Of course, the round after that is sure to focus on the Android platform and that point, we can all point our handsets at each other and say "cheese!" regardless of the device type we prefer.


Mark Kodosky

I just started using Next2Friends. The great thing about them versus Qik is the social community. I felt welcomed as soon as I joined. I don’t think it will ever compete with the huge players out there, but as a niche it is really nice.


QIK are without doubt the guys who came out fighting a few years ago, but now find themselves on the ropes from a younger,more nimble and fitter fighter with Next2Friends.

I have tried the Next2Friends service with my BB ( as they managed the first to the market) and it rocked me to the boots- great product and even better service! These guys really do want to take the fight to the market, as who can blame them.

Can the old QIK come back from such a beating over the past two weeks?

I think we now have only two title contenders QIK and Next2Friends with Flixwagon down and out.

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