HP Mini 1000 netbook comes out of hiding, starts at $399



Our recent posts about HP Mini-note price drops at Amazon are starting to illustrate what we thought last month: HP is either making room for a new netbook or they’re adding another choice to their lineup. Vivek caught sight of the new HP Mini 1000 netbook on HP’s shopping page, but there’s limited information at this point. Here’s what we can see andor guess:

  • Starting price of $399
  • Weight begins at 2.25 pounds, which is a little less than the HP Mini-note
  • Under 1-inch in thickness
  • Like the Acer Aspire One, the left and right mouse betters truly are left and right… of the trackpad.
  • The large screen bezel of the 8.9-inch Mini-note is gone; we’re guessing a 10-inch display

There’s no mention of the remaining specs just yet and the two that are likely of interest the most are the CPU and screen resolution. The Mini-note uses an older VIA C7-M, so the question is: will HP go with VIA for the same-socket Nano CPU or will we see yet another Intel Atom system? Also, the Mini-note differentiates itself from all other netbooks with the generous 1280×768 display resolution. That sounds like a perfect res on a larger 10-inch screen and would continue to set HP’s netbook apart from the crowd.


John Ray Cabrera

no release date still? does it have the same specs with the Compac MiniNote 700? any option for a 6cell battery and a high capacity drive? 160Gb perhaps?


Hi JK,
I saw the mini 1000 has a single jack for phone and mic, is that meant we can’t use third party manufactured phone jack, I believe most of the headphone with mic comes with 2 jacks.
thanks for your comment.


HP have three choices with the refresh mininote 2133 assuming they stick with Via CPU’s:

1. keep the same terrible integrated Via chipset
2. use a Via chipset with the new S3 400 ULP GPU for netbooks
3. use the nVidia MCP79 ulv integrated chipset as found in the new MBA

I wonder which it will be?


I’m also really most intrested in a Nano or Atom 2133: I love the style and the alu case. Any info from HP about those would be great.

My ideal machine would be
10″ screen (1280×800, or whatever it was)
Nano or Atom
2gb RAM
Linux (! – really no point in putting Vista on these machines!)

Same chassis, with some cunning way to still include good speakers

But I can do the ram myself… I just want something small, beautiful and powerful enough for proper use.


Is the refresh 2133 due this year or early next, because that is the one i want?



James, I spoke with a source from HP.

Vivek, I was referring to the article posted here, not yours.

Vivek - The Technicist

Lucious, everything other than the Vista bit is mentioned in the article. Vista doesn’t get a mention since there isn’t any credible information as of yet to support the claim that Vista will be the only option on the Mini 1000. I’d assume XP will be standard, as it should be.


Don’t mean to crash the party here, but folks may want to keep in mind some key points that are not mentioned in the article:

This Mini 1000 is going to go on the consumer side of HP’s lineup, meaning it will come loaded with Vista only – no XP!

10″ screen, 1.6 Atom/Nano, Windows Vista – no thanks!

Also, because this is being sold on the consumer side, it will NOT be replacing the 2133 mininote, that refresh is still due in the coming months.

While I’m curious about the specs for the mini 1000, I’m not going to throw away my 2133 just yet – the 2133 is a very capable machine, so long as you stick with Windows XP.

Pam T.

James, I want to know if the speakers in the new model are as awesome as the old model! You remember how great they were, don’t you?

(That may sound pretty minor, but since the 2133 is my mobile entertainment device, I’m thrilled not to carry external speakers for movies and music anymore!)


you’re missing a trick.

the original article talks about two new netbooks:
1) an update for the 2133
2) new consumer Atom/plastic model with a vivienne tam paint-job

Hooray! they aren’t foing to ditch the alu chassis, but who knows what the ‘update’ will consist of………………..?

Dave Zatz

Looks hot! The mouse button location is a deterrent for me though. If someone comes up with an OS X build for this, I might let it slide.


So its the 2133 with a larger screen, less bezel and Intel Atom processor? Excellent, this was the exact right thing to do HP!

I do love this netbook over most of the others for having a 1280×768 screen and Expresscard slot! :)


> Like the Acer Aspire One, the left and right mouse betters truly are
> left and right… of the trackpad.

As I type this on my 2133, I am looking at the mouse buttons… and they truly are left and right… of the trackpad. Am I missing something?


My opinion is that this Netbook from Hp is powered with an Intel Atom!

Thanks for this Infos



My opinion is that this Netbook from Hp is powered with an Intel Atom!

Thanks for this Infos



Didn’t they say a few months ago that they were making a cheaper, 1024×600 version? I sure hope its WXGA.


Wow – nice. Too bad I bought a 1000H a week ago, I’d love the probably much better keyboard (if it is like the 2133’s one) and the higher res screen.

If this uses an Atom or Nano, it might be the new perfect netbook…


Please tell me they didn’t get rid of the aluminum case and nice metal keypad.

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