Great Moments in Advertising: Guitar Hero 4

Here are some questions you should NOT ask yourself while watching this 30-second spot for Guitar Hero 4 (AKA “The Guitar Hero That Gives Up And Just Appropriates The Whole Rock Band Concept Full Throttle”):

Why is Kobe Bryant on vocals? (He has long fingers that make him perfectly suited for bass.)

Why is star Yankee Alex Rodriguez wearing boxer-briefs? Is he too good for the signature Tom Cruise tighty-whiteys? (The same question applies to Kobe, actually.)

Can Michael Phelps’ legs get any longer? (No.)

How does Tony Hawk keep his balance on that skateboard while also simultaneously drumming? (It’s Tony Hawk, after all.)

But here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why is this so short? I could literally watch it for… well, the original song is about 3 minutes long. And yeah. I could watch them perform the whole song.

Why isn’t this available officially somewhere? Why didn’t parent company Activision connect the dots between their young demographic and online video users?

What makes Guitar Hero 4 better than Rock Band? Because this commercial sure doesn’t bother explaining.

If you have answers, of course, the comments are a fine place to share them.


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