App Store Deal of the Week: Effector

Nearly two months ago, we penned the sad news that Air-O-Matic’s “Pull My Finger” application was denied from entry to the App Store. Pull My Finger (if you couldn’t guess) was a fart noise machine for iPhone. It was one of those times in life when I realized I couldn’t have what I didn’t know I needed. Good news, fellow immature fart joke aficionados! Effector is in the App Store, and will fill that void in your life.

Effector is a sound machine. It comes loaded with noises like a machine gun, or car horn, or applause — you get the idea. It has a slider allowing you to play the sounds in a delayed loop. While it’s pretty basic on the surface, Effector has some neat tricks up its sleeve.

Clearly, the reason Effector excites me, is there’s potential to replace the functionality of the Pull My Finger iPhone application, so we’ll tackle that feature first. While the app doesn’t come loaded with noises you may hear being emitted from the body, it has functionality to allow you to upload any of your own sounds for it to play. The great part is that Effector brings this capability via the web browser, as long as your iPhone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. The interface is simple and effective, and getting it working requires no special magic on the part of the user. I did however find, that at least with a couple of wav files I uploaded, they didn’t play correctly, and prevented built-in sounds from playing as expected. A restart of the app fixed this.


So now you’ve got your own noises on the phone. That’s fun and all, but just playing them for yourself isn’t nearly as entertaining as using them on someone else. Enter Effector’s remote capability. Again, via a same Wi-Fi network attached browser window, you can control your iPhone (and Effector of course) from a distance away. Leave your iPhone on the couch next to your unsuspecting victim, and go to work on your computer, making everyone think your victim might need some Bean-O. (You are of course limited to the output volume of the iPhone itself, but when life gives you beans, make…oh, never mind.)

I’m so glad that this incredibly complex piece of technology that I take with me everywhere, and really could not live without, can finally be used as a high tech whoopie cushion. I believe my life is now complete! Effector is $0.99 in the App Store.