Weekend Vid Picks: Drama From World Series Past

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but even I know that this year’s World Series is so far pretty epic in terms of its dullness. So I thought it’d be worth a look back at contests from years past.

And maybe it’s a Field of Dreams/8 Men Out thing, but when I think about baseball I get nostalgic for the old-timey uniforms and grainy black and white footage. So these seven minutes of highlights from the 1955 Dodgers vs. Yankees series might be an attention span challenge. But look at the uniforms!

In terms of excitement, you can’t really beat 1989 — while the series was a pretty dull sweep for the Oakland As, maybe the San Francisco Giants were a bit thrown off by that earthquake that canceled Game 3. Old-school videoblogger (and former clown!) CharlieVision was covering the game that day — skip to about 2:40 in this clip for the big moment.

Getting into more recent history — I can’t find any clips from Game 2 of the Yankees/Mets 2000 faceoff, when Roger Clemens threw Mike Piazza’s shattered bat back at him. So here are two guys reenacting the moment in their backyard.

And in 2004 Curt Schilling baffled a nation when, with one sock soaked in blood, he pitched the game of his life to help the Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years. Lots of theories floated about whether or not Schilling was actually hurt — including this ESPN commercial, which claimed an eyewitness perspective.

The reason that most of these clips are reenactments or third-party coverage is that MLB has been especially ruthless in pulling bootleg copies of game footage off all the usual suspects; I can understand wanting to control their copyright, but locking all of their video content for subscribers only only dilutes the brand and decreases baseball’s overall buzz factor. Sure, the fact that Tampa Bay and Philadelphia aren’t exactly marquee teams doesn’t help anybody, but when the best thing you can say about the ratings for Game 2 is that it did better than two hours of Kitchen Nightmares, maybe you shouldn’t turn up your nose at the free publicity viral video offers.