Are People Pledging Sorority Forever?


The first episode of Sorority Forever, the web series from starring former lonelygirl Jessica Rose, was seen by 1.2 million people in its first week, according to Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer of the Time Warner global media group who spoke at WebbyConnect Conference this week (hat tip to CNET for being there).

Sorority Forever is shown on and is syndicated out to the likes of MySpace (which gets the show before other partners), as well as Veoh, TiVo, Dailymotion and Joost. The series launched at the beginning of September and has released 34 episodes to date.

The WB tells me that it’s releasing official streaming numbers next week, but until then here’s what we know: The first episode of Sorority Forever did 103,606 plays to date on MySpace. Of the 41 Sorority videos on MySpace (which also includes weekly recaps), twelve have generated more than 100,000 plays. Four episodes on MySpace have broken 200,000 plays, and the titles for those four episodes are: “Sexy Bra Shopping,” “Girl on Girl,” “Omega Party” (which has a thumbnail of a blindfolded girl licking a guy’s chest), and “Drunk Chicks” (ahh, sweet, predictable Internet).

No episode on Veoh has gone above 300 plays and all but one episode on Dailymotion has gotten more than double digit plays. Joost doesn’t list plays but didn’t get the first episode until two weeks ago.

What we don’t know is how popular the show has been on or any of its other partners like Sling, TiVo and Verizon Wireless. If the first episode was seen by 1.2 million people, that could mean that served almost a million episodes on its own. We’ll update next week with the new stats, because we’re always on the lookout for that next web series breakout hit.



No surprise why Sorority Forever eps with those names would hit the most clicks. I’ve been trying to keep up with the series, just because I’ve been a fan of The WB and find the grown of online series to be especially intriguing. It’s…ok, though you really have to get pretty far into it to finally get into the more sinister plot/mystery.

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