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Fix Our Broken iPhones

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It is indeed a wonderful little device, but you know all those little niggles we have about the iPhone? Like, the lack of landscape e-mailing, theĀ omissionĀ of Flash-support and video-recording or hiding those pesky unused apps?

Now there’s a special place for all you disgruntled folk who want a little more from your iPhone, there’s even a chance that Jobs (or one of his minions) might be listening. The site is called Please Fix The iPhone, it’s open for business right now and optimized for iPhone too (naturally).

The idea is that you visit the site, look through a big list of iPhone problems and vote for whatever you want to be fixed. There’s no registration and voting up a problem takes a single click. Furthermore, you can add your own iPhone fix requests too. Top of the list at the moment seems to be, “Copy and paste,” closely followed by, “Ability to view Flash content in Safari.”

7 Responses to “Fix Our Broken iPhones”

  1. PUSH NOTIFICATION SERVICE. How long will Apple take to release the push notification service?? Even though Apple sold more Iphones than RIM’s Blackberries the last quarter, it is very clear that they could slash the blackberrie’s sales even more when they release the waited and announced Push Notification Service (which was promised in September). This Notification allows the Iphone to run software in the background in an Apple Server or Third Person Server which will not reduce the Iphone’s resources and will not burn the battery out. We, Iphone users need a chat application that we can send and receive messages throughout the world being online 24/7. We also need applications like Facebook that we can receive the inbox and notification messages without having to open the application. This is the only way that the Iphone will finally send Blackberry to its grave. I have a lot of friends and family, that actually accept that the Iphone is an extremely better phone, but they do not buy it just because they are hooked with Blackberry Messenger. They have all their friends on the list, and chat away with them all around the world with a minimum (and yes I mean minimum) roaming fee They send pictures and even audio files. I even have friends that have the Iphone and a BB and are waiting for the PNS just to dump their Blackberries.

    Please Apple, we need this Push Notification Service, we have been patient, but a lot of people seem to be running out……… hard as it is to hear (or read).