Fix Our Broken iPhones

It is indeed a wonderful little device, but you know all those little niggles we have about the iPhone? Like, the lack of landscape e-mailing, the omission of Flash-support and video-recording or hiding those pesky unused apps?

Now there’s a special place for all you disgruntled folk who want a little more from your iPhone, there’s even a chance that Jobs (or one of his minions) might be listening. The site is called Please Fix The iPhone, it’s open for business right now and optimized for iPhone too (naturally).

The idea is that you visit the site, look through a big list of iPhone problems and vote for whatever you want to be fixed. There’s no registration and voting up a problem takes a single click. Furthermore, you can add your own iPhone fix requests too. Top of the list at the moment seems to be, “Copy and paste,” closely followed by, “Ability to view Flash content in Safari.”


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