ALP is here (sorta), but does anyone care?

Screen_ss_launcherAfter much talk and even more screenshots, ACCESS indicates that their Linux-based mobile OS is ready to roll. Michael Gartenberg feels that the ALP effort is "too little, too late" and I’m inclined to agree. Matt, James and I have a little more discussion on this topic in the next podcast which should be live in less than 24 hours. Before you hear our thoughts, I’m curious what you think:

  • Given the quick and widespread growth of the iPhone combined with the recent Google Android launch, is there room in the market for another mobile OS? Don’t forget that Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile and to a smaller degree, Palm are already entrenched in the game.
  • Is ALP better poised to be successful in the non-U.S. market?
  • Do you expect ALP to offer either an experience or functionality that the competitors simply can’t deliver?
  • What would it take for ALP to gain a sizable chunk of mobile handset market-share?

I just don’t see big things for ACCESS on this front. Had you asked me this question two years ago, my answer would have been completely different. Unfortunately, that was the time to cast off in this market and shake it up. That didn’t happen in any noticeable way and now I see ALP playing catch-up… if they even play in a measurable way at all.

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