ContentNext Special Analyses: Latest Online Ad Forecasts; Online Fantasy Sports

imageThe unprecedented shocks to the global financial system in the last two weeks have left analysts scrambling to recalibrate their economic forecasts. What will these massive jolts mean for online ad spending? While most analysts recently lowered their forecasts yet again, almost across the board they are still predicting fairly bullish growth this year and next. Many are forecasting double-digit growth for online next year, in one case as much as 18 percent.

In this briefing note, “Positive Bias: The Problem With the Latest Online Ad Forecasts,” Lauren Rich Fine, CFA, ContentNext’s Research Director, argues that all of this may be a case of wishful thinking.

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Lauren has also put together her second briefing note, Online Fantasy Sports: Growth Outlook Intact:

Tired of the doom and gloom in the financial markets? Looking for growth? It