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UPDATED: Lots of Google Phone Apps Downloaded…Wink! Wink!

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UPDATED: Some folks downloaded a lot of stuff from the app market for the Google phone, aka the T-Mobile G1, in the first 24 hours after it opened its doors, according to mobile ad and analytics firm Medialets. And yup, that’s about as precise as they’re going to get.

Medialets says there were anywhere from 206,000 to 770,000 (that’s not a typo) app downloads in the first day. And it blames Google’s limited metrics data for the gaping range.

The firm also offered the following cloudy info: nine apps reached downloads of between 10,000 and 50,000 each. Two apps were downloaded between 100 and 500 times. And it said that on a normalized basis there are more games apps than anything else in both the iPhone app store and the G1 app market. Slightly more interesting to know: Of the 62 apps offered up that first day, MySpace Mobile was among the top 10 most downloaded. But obviously there isn’t a FaceBook app.

The wide variance in the download data begs the question: What’s the point of this service, this press release blog post, and for that matter, these Enron-like data sets?

We have updated the headline to reflect that the apps were downloaded, not sold.

9 Responses to “UPDATED: Lots of Google Phone Apps Downloaded…Wink! Wink!”

  1. My Google Voice mail app got deleted during an phone upgrade3 but I can’t find the app to down load it again. Everyhting point me back to the google site that just logs into my Voice mail via the web but not an app for my phone. It does not seem to be on or available on google as they seem to think that since i have a voive mail account i must also have the associated app. How do i get the app again?????

  2. “Google’s limited metrics data”

    That’s a hilarious statement, since Google likely has the largest repository of Web-related metrics data in the universe, and the most powerful infrastructure with with to collect and process it.

  3. @Svetlana Gladkova

    You are right. This is too skimpy on facts and the company is being too defensive about something which they should have nailed to begin with.– accurate data.

    regardless, lets keep an eye on the google app store. i want to know how it really works out.

  4. Om, you know, this is exactly what I thought about the report when I saw it – too little certain things in it. What’s more, yesterday I talked to the guys from ShopSavvy, the most popular app according to this report, and the guys had somewhere under 15K downloads in the first two days (the pre-release and the release days) so the range from 10K to 50K sounds a little far from realistic to me, especially for the other applications in the top 10 that are supposed to be less popular.

  5. @karen

    because a lot of the times companies send all these press releases(blog posts) that are obviously wrong and just a blatant attempt to get publicity. WHich is fine, but they need to get their data sets right. In this case the variation in data, the original post they send us and given the fact that they are a mobile analytics company — all of it merited a post. It is not an axe to grind. Just the facts they shared with us.

  6. I imagine that to really get data must be a really difficult task given the lack of openness around the apps stores. Jobs said that something like 200mm apps have been downloaded through the app store, much more than they ever anticipated. The numbers that medialets provides indicate that people seem to be much more open to the concept of downloading apps, and seem to be on a trajectory to surpass apple, if they focus on building out the app store and providing openness for developers (something apple really didnt do until recently.)