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Inquisitor Search Now Runs Across Platforms

The Inquisitor plugin, (now owned by Yahoo) long monogamously committed to the Safari web browser, is now available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, across the OS X and Windows computing platforms. Inquisitor plugs in to the search bar in your browser, and functions much like the OS X based Spotlight when performing web searches.

Inquisitor gives you the ability to go directly to top search results right from your search bar, rather than sifting through results in the resulting Google page. As their website explains:

Start typing and websites appear instantly, along with suggestions to help refine your search.
Inquisitor understands you, learning and tailoring your results as you search. You can also add more search engines with customized keyboard shortcuts.

At one point in time, Inquisitor came under fire when it was discovered that the original developer, David Watanabe, was getting Amazon referrals from people clicking search result links. Personally, I thought it was no big deal — he offered the software for free after all — but others got a little peeved about it because the Amazon links were promoted to the top of the results list without being disclosed ahead of time. It was addressed appropriately with a website disclosure (and ultimately was completely removed), and I think David has done a fantastic job with this application plugin.

Periodically I get the wild hair and move away from Safari to another browser (Firefox, currently, for those keeping score at home), and Inquisitor has consistently been one of the main things I miss from the move. I definitely suggest checking it out for yourself if you haven’t yet.

Via LifeHacker

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