Android getting software keyboard in 2009

Andrroid_keyboardOh how I wish it was the new year already. I’d already have my Christmas wish-list fulfilled, might win another jackpot at CES and Android handets would have a software keyboard. One of my biggest gripes with the current and only Android handset, the T-Mobile G1 is that you can’t enter text without sliding the screen up and turning the device into landscape mode. As I said before, it gets really old really fast.

That challenge should be a goner in the first quarter of 2009 if the Android roadmap holds true. I figured a third party developer would create one sooner than that, but with this news, there’s not much point to that effort, now is there? Many folks are overjoyed with the hardware keyboard and rightfully so, but having the option of using the touchscreen to its fullest text entry potential should have been there on day one IMO.

Thanks for the heads up, Brad!


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