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Airport Extreme Update Pulled, But Damage Already Done

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Updates turning out to be harmful rather than helpful are nothing new, and it’s beginning to look like you can add Apple’s latest Airport Extreme software “fix” to the list of the potentially damaging.

Complaints from commenters and bloggers around the net are beginning to pile up, yet Apple remains silent on the status of the update (numbered 2008-003) which was uploaded to their servers Monday and then pulled shortly after without explanation.

While the update was intended to resolve issues when roaming in large Wi-Fi networks, reports are claiming that not only does that issue persist, in some cases the patch is causing network problems. Some users are even claiming that following the update, Airport ceases to work at all. Total Airport failures are being reported on multiple platforms, including the Aluminum MacBook and late model white MacBook. Others are claiming reduced capability, including connection problems and the inability of their machines to recognize the 802.11n capability of their cards (a/b/g only).

For those whose computers aren’t connecting at all, try this method posted by one commenter:

Read on another site about this error, to go to: Macintosh HD, Library, Preferences, SystemConfiguration then send the into Trash.

This will apparently restore wireless functionality, but the card will still be recognized as only having a/b/g connectivity.

Other, more drastic measures are being recommended by some. Popular troubleshooting site MacFixIt are recommending performing an archive and install of OS X to erase any and all traces of the problematic update.

If you managed to download and install the update, please let us know if you’re experiencing any problems.

21 Responses to “Airport Extreme Update Pulled, But Damage Already Done”

  1. Aerohunter

    I did an archive and reninstall to correct the issue. Remember do not install the 004 update again. There is one thing maybe you can try first before the lengthy archive and reinstall of leopard . I read some run ONYX to correct the problem. I have not tried myslef, but it is much faster. Search for ONYX, it is a free MAC system clean up utility

  2. I have a pretty new macbook and this update has done it’s damage here too.
    At random, my signal level drops to zero.
    I have to stop and restart Airport to get it working again.

  3. aerohunter

    2008-004 totally messed up my macbook. It is showing that it is connected to the network, the diagnostic also indicated that the network is fine. But it will only load a couple of pages very slowly then stop. It is showing it is connected at all time, but nothing loads.
    I am positive that my network is working fine, my other computer are working fine. I have a buffalo G54s wireless router w/DDwrt firmware. I wonder if taking it in to the genius bar will help.

  4. Hi there,
    since the AirPort 2008-004 update my mac crashed SEVEN …yes…SEVEN times in two days! I thought this is a responsible company which is testing its stuff. Don’t install it if you don’t have problems!

  5. Dave Love

    It certainly seems longer, though I don’t have timings from before. It takes 75-90 seconds to hit the login screen post-patch, with or without external devices plugged in. I don’t turn the laptop off very often, so it’s not a huge issue for me.

    Wireless works fine.

  6. Luckily, I didn’t install 2008-003, and now I see that 004 is available. Should I still wait to install? @Dave Love- Do you mean to tell me that it takes your computer longer to boot up now that you’ve installed this patch? Yikes!

  7. This is a bummer, both my iMac and Macbook air are constantly dropping their connections. I really hope Apple does something to fix this. I was perfectly fine before the AirPort Extreme Update 2008-004. Now I have intermittent connectivity on both machines.

  8. Dave Love

    Update: Oddly enough, disconnecting and reconnecting unplugging an external USB hub while the macbook was on cleared the iTunes issue. The long boot time remains, but everything is working now.

  9. Dave Love

    Installed 2008-004 on a 2007 MBP. Wireless works fine (802.11n), but startup takes forever (several minutes) and iTunes just hangs when launched (even a force-quit won’t kill it).

    Everything was fine until this patch.

  10. mine was working in the start after i update it, but sometimes i had to reboot but today was working in the morning and now doesnt work at all.u guys think updating to the airport 2008-004 is the best solution?

  11. Well, I have had lots of joys with mine and my wifes MBP (2.33 and 2.20ghz models). Both have had problems connecting to our SMB shares. My speeds have dropped way down to almost B speeds when surfing the web, and MBP to MBP gaming via the AE are horrible (we cannot play Rise of Nations anymore).

    So, last night I formatted my machine, and have not run any of the updates except the 10.5.5 update and WOW my system is flying again. I am formatting my wifes machine tonight, and will avoid this patch.

  12. I downloaded and installed it. The only problem I had is that once Safari and other browsers didn’t download anything but ping command was working, I had to restart in order to get Internet again.

  13. It’s really bad on my iMac. AirPort (internal) won’t even turn on via System Preferences or the top bar. Fortunately, I don’t need WiFi with it that much and I didn’t upgrade my MacBook, where I do use WiFi.

    Apple better come up with a fix for this for all those who did the download.