Ad Industry Roundup: CBS; WPP; Kiplingers; Political Ad Spend


CBS’ new web series stars… Saturn?: Novel Adventures, an original web series being rolled out the CBS (NYSE: CBS) Audience Network next month, is centered around a book club starring former former Melrose Place regular Daphne Zuniga. But more than books or Zuniga, the series is centered on Saturn. What does a car have have to do with a book club? CBS has it all taken care of: one character is a “successful Saturn dealer” who drives the book club members around on novel-inspired trips.

WPP and TNS: a done deal (almost): Consider this the home stretch… Although WPP Group got TNS execs to raise the white flag earlier this month, clearing the way for the ad giant’s $2 billion (£1.14 billion) takeover of the audience researcher, it has extended its offer to shareholders until Oct. 29. About 92 percent of TNS shareholders have given their assent to the deal, which was fiercely resisted by TNS execs since WPP made its initial offer in July. gets “pod-busters”: After two years of searching for an online video strategy, has created “pod-busters,” webisodes consisting of four, 25-second segments on personal finance with ads that match the individual topics. The financial publisher also hopes to sell the videos to TV programs or sponsored sporting events.

Outlook lowered for online political ad spend: Media researcher Borrell Associates now expects $17.7 million to be spent for online political ads, a revision downward from the $20 million the firm anticipated previously. The forecaster projects 34 percent, or $6 million, going to search ads, while just $2.5 million (14 percent) for display. E-mail ad spend will constitute a 10 percent share ($1.8 million).

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