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3Bill Rebooting Mobile Social Net Next Month

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3Bill, the mobile application technology provider owned by payments and marketing firm Symbios Group, is folding two of its recently-acquired social networks, and, in to a third,, and will reboot the brand under the latter umbrella at the end of November.

Symbios had mainly operated ringtones, dating websites and mobile marketing since its 2001 inception, but then acquired the desktop web-centric 15-24 ProfileHeaven in February and, within a couple of weeks, bought, which was aimed at 13-24s but had been forced to shut down after failing to gain traction. In all, the three sites rolled in to one will claim 1.5 million users. The relaunch had been due for the summer.

7 Responses to “3Bill Rebooting Mobile Social Net Next Month”

  1. I have been a user of Face-pic for 4 years I do not agree that the new faces website is in anyway moving forward,

    A voted group consisting of 20.000 users will not be using as it is aimed at a younger age group and lacks the mature social layout that face-pic provides,


  2. well ive bin an active member for about four years on profileheaven, and the anticipation of the launch of is beyond belief. its gonna be an amazing community site. the amount of effort the profileheaven staff and the amount of work and swet martin and the boys / girls have put in is unbelivable . to cut a long story short . if u wanna good time throught the day / night join up to when its launched . you wont be happy . you will will be amazed at the sight of the place.

    fordy x

  3. I first heard about the news of the relaunch on I've been a user for about 3 years now. Over the past year or so the sites declined in new members and struggled to keep up with other social networking sites. The information given to users on Profileheaven seems more than pleasing to read. The owners , aswell as the staff at symbios seem to have really `worked there butts off`. Its great and exciting news not just for Profileheaven , but for faces and face-pic users too, and im sure there isnt a person on either of the sites that cant wait for the launch

  4. Having been an active member of Profileheaven recently (and face-pic to a lesser extent over the years) I have known about the Faces relaunch for a while. If the previews we got a couple of months ago are anything to go by, this is going to be epic.

    I personally can't wait!!!

  5. I'm excited to see the outcome. Should be a number of changes to the current ProfileHeaven and the new user base will give you a chance to speak to people all over rather than Scottish. Looking forward to it!

  6. Quite looking forward to the launch after this was announced it seemed promising. Will be the perfect chance to meet people all over the world altho profileheaven has users from other countrys its mostly english and scottish people.Should be good when its all finished :D