Wrike pulls Exchange contacts into T-Mobile G1


Android_settingsSeveral potential buyers of the T-Mobile G1 have lamented the lack of support for Microsoft Exchange synchronization. Exchange is so embedded in the enterprise, I can certainly understand that. Even from a consumer view, I used a hosted Exchange service for years because it’s a rock-solid solution and one that many individuals have started to embrace.

Clearly any handset powered by Google’s Android operating system is going to work natively with Google’s infrastructure, i.e: Gmail, Google Calendar and less than robust Google Contacts, which is actually more of a Gmail feature than a full solution. The free ContactsSync from Wrike might help if you’re tied to Exchange, but as the name implies, it only works with Contacts. The application is available through the Android Market and synchronizes your Exchange Contacts with a T-Mobile G1. I no longer have my Exchange service as I opted to move to Google Apps nearly a year ago, but James still has his Exchange account, so perhaps we can cajole him too test this out.

ContactsSync works with the 2007 Edition of Micrsoft Exchange and requires that Exchange Web Services are installed and running on the server. While this looks useful if you’re planning to stick with Exchange (and hope for other third party Exchange support options on the G1), it could be handy migration tool as well: pull down your Exchange contacts and sync them back up to the Google server. I’d be curious how well the app handles duplicates if you have the same contact both in Google Contacts and in Exchange. Might want to back up your contacts in both prior to using this.



UPDATE: If you have distribution lists in your contacts, sync will fail. Once I removed my distribution lists, everything worked fine. I have notified Wrike, so this might not be an issue with future versions.

Kevin C. Tofel

Dean, like all other mobile browsers, the one in Android doesn’t yet support editing of Google Docs. It’s currently view only.


kevin, how are you dealing with google docas now? i cannot seem to edit them on the android

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