ThinkFree unveils productivity suite for netbooks and MIDs


ThinkfreeofficenetbookeditionAdd another suite of productivity tools to the list: ThinkFree now has a mobile version of their Office-like suite that’s specific to netbooks. In fact, they have an edition for 4 to 7-inch displays on Mobile Internet Devices as well; both were just announced.

I’ve got the 48.6MB trial version coming down the pipe right now on my MSI Wind and although I mainly use Google Docs for the rare document or spreadsheet these days, I’ll give ThinkFree a fair shake on the Wind. I suspect that ThinkFree will be trying to get their suite bundled onto netbooks by working deals with the manufacturers, which is more likely to get folks to try the toolset.


There’s no pricing information in the official press release,but the product page does have a Buy link so I’m expecting there to bea nominal cost that’s less than a Microsoft Office license. Ofcourse, any cost would be more than the free Google Docs or Zoho Officeservices but the difference here is that the ThinkFree suite isn’t acloud application: it’s installed locally and doesn’t require aconnection to the web. Of course, that connection certainly helps andThinkFree has leveraged that: you can collaborate on docs andsynchronize them across devices. ThinkFree also provides 1GB of free online document storage when you activate your software. Interestingly, owners of a Fujitsu device get 2GB of storage per the video tutorial below. The company indicates that the ThinkFree tools offer better compatibility with Microsoft Office formats as compared to Open Office, which is compelling if true.

Folks that fill out a survey on the ThinkFree site before the end of this monthactually get a free license to the suite of tools, which includes theability to create docs, spreadsheets and presentations.  The companysays that the application set for netbooksis optimized for the Intel Atom as well as 1024×600 resolution displaysand they offer support on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

Note that youwill need a ThinkFree account to use the suite. From a handheld perspective, I see that ThinkFree supports document viewing on the iPhone and was looking to add BlackBerry support in Q32008, but it hasn’t arrived yet.


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